My name is Charles Gammill.  That black cat is one of my podcast producers, Serenity Now!

I’m a freelance Audio Engineer & Media Producer specializing in audio capture, audio & video podcasting, dialogue editing, audio book production, voice over production, music production, and sound design.

For more than a decade I have worked with and helped individuals, teams, and companies learn the art of podcasting. I help with pre-production to launch, and offer ongoing audio, video, and podcast publication support.

Current and past projects include the Reboot.io Podcast, Techstars, TheNewManPodcast.com, The Buddhify Meditation app, The Ten Percent Happier meditation app, the Buddhist Geeks podcast, the SomethingAboutFood.com podcast, The Fortune Management Practice Mastery Podcast (fortunemgmt.com), and many more.

Please enjoy a few examples of media projects I’ve helped produce at ModernBusker.com.

Please click here to learn about some of my clients and hear examples of projects I’ve helped produce.

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